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At I-NET Business Solutions, our goal is to provide your business with professional, dependable and high quality solutions to meet the requirements of your company. No matter the size of your business, we have the ability to find the perfect solution to meet your needs.

I-NET is an emerging global company. With its headquarters in the USA, it serves clients in many countries. We ensure a seamless work flow with consistancy in quality and Turn Around Time. Over the years we evolved ourselves into an agile infrastructure to meet your chaging requirements all the time.

Being an integrated unit, our production facility is not only well-integrated in various legal research and searches, but also has years of expertise in Software development, project management and many other business solutions, that would help company of any size to grow their business.

Our skilled team is responsible for handling customers concerns efficiently which allows them to develop meaningful relationships and provide a timely and complete response every time. This in turn enables all our employees to realize their own potential and understand the important role each individual plays in the organization.

Employees are our biggest asset. By delivering quality work they derive immense pride and take care of the work in a manner which customers can feel proud of.

We maintain our own dedicated server to upload and download large files. Large volume data is transmitted back and forth using the same if email becomes ineffective. We have two sets of dedicated lease internet lines to maintain continuity.

We maintain optimum level of monitoring and security to provide safety for the given data. Our agents log in to every terminal to keep track of every tranmission of data. Access to servers to upload data for clients is accesible only by authorized personal. Round the clock Video monitoring is installed to deter any attmept to misplace and mis-transmit data. All our terminals are equipped with latest anti-virus software, and strong firewalls.