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We prepare all kinds of reports suitable for the title needs, including Commitment Reports, Property Reports, O&E Reports, Preliminary Reports, Foreclosure Reports. A complete Title production facility to produce title reports on all the title orders processed. We provide quick turnaround commitment with competitive pricing models.


  1. Reports -- Current owner search providing ownership, liens and encumbrances, tax information and full legal description
  2. Deed Reports -- Provides guarantor and guarantee, recording information and legal description
  3. Legal and Vesting Reports -- Provides current vesting and full legal description
  4. Mortgage Verification Reports -- Verification of mortgages and lien position for collateral property
  5. Foreclosure Reports -- Two-owner search designed to confirm current title coverage and obtain subordinate lien (voluntary and involuntary) needed to facilitate pre-foreclosure
  6. Recording Services -- Recording services in all 50 states including e-recording in over 1,000 counties