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XBRL is the main focus of I-NET with our teams of professionals in computer software as well as US-GAAP accounting and taxonomies. We are capable to provide all Levels of XBRL tagging for all different sizes of companies from the smallest to the largest. We pride ourselves on fast turnaround times of easily readable drafts for client review as well as the most cost effective solution to EDGAR Filing Agents in the business. Our initial mapping and tagging take approximately 2-4 days or less and are reviewed/tested/SEC previewed several times to ensure quality control so that you donít have to.


Before XBRL the standard has been HTML filings. Even with the implementation of XBRL there will still be plenty of filings which will need to use the standard HTML formatting.

We have spent many years perfecting this and can turnaround documents in as little as 30 minutes with our specialized software or software of your choice.

We can offer a great cost savings to your firm but providing our services at very inexpensive rates. We can do anything from S-1 registration statements to the very smallest of 8-K/6-Ks.

Contact us to learn more about our very low per page costs that could save your firm thousands of dollars a year.


Our printing team has made the process of providing communications to shareholders and critical company information a seamless event. Working closely with our filing teams we are able to turnaround your typesetting project quickly and accurately.

We donít charge for RUSH jobs and can work with any type of file including MS Word and Quark/InDesign.

Contact us today for our rates and other services we can provide with our printing division.